For the research component, you can choose to do one long paper of 1,000 words. Select an assigned story and describe the theme. You will have to use incidents from the story to support your position.

Sources: You must find four sources for the paper not including the stories themselves or the textbook, all of which you may use in addition. The sources must be an article, a web page, or a book. You can use a dictionary or encyclopedia or our literature textbook as a reference, but only in addition to the articles or books you find, not as a replacement for them.

Set up the page as per MLA Page Format .

Do not use first person (I, we, me, our) or second person (you). Grammar, punctuation, and spelling count so proofread, proofread, proofread.

You may not use Wikipedia,, SparkNotes, Cliffnotes, Yahoo Answers, Any site that sells papers, or any other website. Wikis and websites are where anybody can post information; they are not necessarily reviewed by experts in the field.

You may use an article from a scholarly journal that may be posted in such sites.