For this assignment, you are to think about all you have learned and what we have discussed about The Other Wes Moore. You are to write a two-page paper as your culminating activity for this book. Use the other note-taking study guides you have completed as well as any notes you may have taken during class to help you with this.

In this paper answer the following:

What do you think were a few of the major factors that made the lives of these lives of these two men so different?
Why should we even care about learning about these two men?
After having read this book, what difference does it make to your life? That is, how does it relate to you?
How differently do you view the lives of others?
What do you think the most important lesson of this book is?

the correct page heading
double-spaced with indented paragraphs
at least one quote from the book to support your ideas with correct in-text parenthetical citation.
Works Cited page for your quote source(s).

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