The Path of a Toy Rocket

Physics 1105 & Physics 1305 Visual Communication Project — Instructions
All students in Physics 1105 and Physics 1305 must complete a Visual Communication Project. If you are enrolled in both classes, you will only need to do one project, but you will need to submit it in Blackboard in both 1105 and 1305. You will receive a grade for the project in both classes.

The Problem — The Path of a Toy Rocket

A toy rocket is launched from ground level with an initial vertical velocity of 50 m/s and a horizontal velocity of 15 m/s. Create visuals that show (a) how long the rocket is in the air (b) the maximum height of the rocket and (c) the horizontal distance traveled by the rocket.


You are to create graphs or other visual representations of projectile motion for the problem above. You have the option to create these graphs or diagrams in MS Word, MS Excel, other software program or to create them by hand. Regardless of how you choose to create your graphs, diagrams or pictures they must meet the following criteria.

1. All graphs, diagrams or pictures must be neat and legible. Appearance counts in visual communication.

2. All graphs, diagrams or pictures should be titled and include appropriate labels (for example, label your x and y axes). You may (and probably should) include tables that support your visuals, but a table will not be considered a visual.

3. Your project should show how an object’s position and velocity change with time or with each other.

4. You should have a minimum of 2 visuals and each visual should show one or more of the following relationships. You do not need to illustrate all of the relationships, just enough to answer the questions in the problem above. a. How the vertical position changes with time. b. How the horizontal position changes with time. c. How the vertical position and the horizontal position are related. d. How the horizontal velocity changes (or remains constant) with time. e. How the vertical velocity changes with time.

5. Visuals should be large. One visual per standard sheet of copy paper.

6. I encourage you to be creative, but the information should be accurate.

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