The person’s level of resistance

SECTION B:True / false questions. [10 marks]State whether each of the following statements is True or False.1. The person’s level of resistance to a toxic substance can determine the toxicity of achemical.2. One of the objectives of measuring levels and workers’ exposure to noise is to determinehow employees can resist noise.3. One of the benefits of good lighting at the workplace is increasing the risk of accidents.4. Ergonomics is important in an organisation because it aims at improving the well beingof an employee.5. The absence of a fire alarm in an organisation implies that management is aware thatchances of a fire are almost non-existent in the organisation.6. One of the causes of accidents is job training, including safe methods of work.7. One of the causes of occupational stress is work under-load.8. An employee may not be compensated if the injury is self- inflicted.9. Air pollution can increase chances of an employee contracting asthma.10. Employees should be made to choose whether to use supplied protective equipment or not

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