The press in the 20th century

A thesis and an outline on Discuss the claim that the press in the 20th century became a medium of advertising, whereas the press was free in the 19th century. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. However what is currently the case has never been like the one which used to be so in the 19th century.The press of modern times relies more on placing the advertisements rather than giving the readers something to read about. In other words, it is more interested in propagating advertisements than the news and reports on which the readers are focused. There is now an aspect of compromise when it comes to putting a news report and the newspaper editor thinks of placing an advertisement on the specified place for the report so that he could earn more and bring more revenues for his newspaper or magazine. This means that the unethical attitudes are pretty much apparent in the whole contexts of press and these need to be adjusted in a manner which could balance the benefits as well as make the news reports and analyzes visible in between the pages of the newspaper or magazine.With the advent of advertising trends with expensive placements in between the pages and inserts coming into the whole equation, visibility of these advertisements is a significant feature of their placement. Thus there is a greater amount of concentration as far as these advertisements are concerned when one compares the same with the case that was applicable in the 19th century. Back in those days, press used to be fair, without the tension of placing any advertisements or paid notices. But now the case has totally changed since the press is bent upon making more money out of their media vehicle and thus it knows it can play with its advertising strategies and exploitation means in order to usurp money and the like from the advertisers but what it forgets at the end of the day is that the readers generally do not appreciate these efforts.

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