The Purpose of Business Plan

The Purpose of Business Plan. Write a 3250 word paper answering; As with any business, the overarching objective of ABC Immigration is to provide a wide and diverse array of legal and counseling services that will serve the client base with the peculiar needs that any and all immigration-related questions and concerns would likely generate. Furthermore, the eventual goal will be to become something of a market leader within the geographic region with regards to immigration issues. Profit: As with any firm, the primary motivator is to provide a profit to the shareholders by a means of sufficient growth and development of the firm and the services that are offered. In this way, the profit objective fits in with the following objectives as the ultimate end towards which the others work. Growth: As a means to differentiate the business, add services, and provide a higher quality of services to the customer as well as providing a higher profit margin through differentiation of services, the growth of the firm is a secondary objective. Purpose: The purpose of the firm exists to provide professional, helpful, affordable, and timely legal counseling to the customers that seek such services. In this manner, the company exists for the sole purpose of providing the aforementioned services to the individual’s companies that avail themselves of the services that ABC Immigration offers. Vision: The firm envisions itself as successful only by providing the highest quality of services to its customers. By providing such a high level of quality and at market leading prices, ABC Immigration aims to satisfy the needs of those it serves by providing both high quality, individualized access, and affordable rates to the clients who have honored the firm with their patronage.&nbsp.Mission: The mission can be summed up in two parts. Firstly, the firm has a short-term mission objective which will see the company constitute itself in a fairly rapid manner. all the while minimizing debt and inexpensively differentiating itself in the aforementioned categories that the firm wishes to compete in.

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