The purpose of HR

Write 6 page essay on the topic The purpose that HR serves in the organization and to society also encourage an understanding of one HR practice.However, for a company to benefit and manage its resources accordingly there is a need to have human resources department to oversee the organizational management process and procedure (Bogardus 26).In an organization, there are three main organs, which must coordinate in order to achieve the organizational goals. the shareholders,management and employees. The shareholders are the top leadership who recruits the management to run the organizational programs on their behalf. the employees are the junior staff and sources of labor to handle the organizational operations as scheduled by the management (Gaspar 19). Through the human resources management department, employees are assigned duties that must be monitored to affirm that the employees are working in accordance with the terms and conditions that they accepted during the recruitment process (Kamoche 40).In order for a strategy to be implemented in an organization, the human resources management department must be involved being the management consultants employed by the executive leadership of the organization to hire, monitor employee performance and keep the best workforce and fire the unproductive workforce leaving the employees who would work towards the accomplishment of organizational objectives (Price 44).The mandate of the human resources management is to ensure that the organization is operational meaning that the set return goals and objectives are met with adequate investment returns (Armstrong 06). However, according to the requirements of an organization, the human resource management should be well vast with company laws and regulations in order to implement the same on the employees and reduce cases of unnecessary claims hence shaping the whole organization towards the management process (Price 85).Any organization does not only benefit the employees and workers. the community and society are also able to

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