For this paper, you will do preliminary research on a mass communication topic of social media and describe in detail your approach to said research. More specifically, you will discuss what has been found in regard to your media topic of interest to this date. This will give you some baseline understanding of the effects that media exposure have on audiences in relation to your topic of interest. While these findings might be specific to a certain theory, that is not a requirement; however, theoretic continuity will help you in regard to your final paper. This paper should be 5-6 pages (not including references) and reference a minimum of five scholarly sources. Here are the particulars:

Begin with a paragraph describing your research topic (1/2 page – 5 points): What is your mass communication topic of interest? What specifically drew you to this topic?

After discussing your topic of interest, please list the research questions you used to guide your inquiry (1/2 page – 5 points). What did you hope to discover?

Next, I want to know how you approached the research process (1 page – 10 points). Based on your research questions, what information did you gather? Where did you go to find it? I want you to clearly describe your research plan or strategy and document your steps for gathering previous research and data. This should take approximately one page.

Next, I want to know what you found (2 pages – 15 points). What has research on your topic revealed to date? What theory is most often applied in relation to your topic of interest? How is it normally studies (methodology)? Are there certain scholars who are prominent when it comes to your research topic of interest? What variables are related/studied? This should take approximately 2 pages.

Finally, I want you to evaluate the research you have found thus far and suggest ways of moving forward (1 page – 10 points). Overall, what do the sources suggest in relation to your topic of interest? Is there a pattern across sources? To what extent do you think the information you found is reliable and valid (e.g. generalizable across a population)? How will you use the information going forward? This should take approximately 1 page.


Your paper should be Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced and have the name in the upper right-hand corner.
Your paper should follow proper APA style, including the references.