The role of salespeople

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Case Study, College (1-2), Marketing

The main body of this video covers three learning objectives: 

the role of salespeople–salespeople have several important roles in an organization (selling, meeting buyers’ needs, and providing marketing information back to decision-makers)
the structure and content of a consultative sales call
the major types of salespeople– order takers, order getters, and supporting salespeople.
After watching the video please, answer the following case questions:

1. Why would a company maintain a sales force when other less expensive methods of completing and supporting sales transactions could be used?

2. Describe how consultative selling works. Is consultative selling always the best approach?

3. How would you feel knowing that the contacts you wear were sold to the eye doctor who prescribed them?

Source: CCCMarkering (2012). Professional Selling Serving Customers—Serving the Firm
Retrieved from

Submission Format:
All assignments will be submitted/uploaded via D2L on the date the assignment is due; any late assignment will be subject to a letter grade reduction unless an extension has been negotiated with the professor prior to the due date. 
In all written assignments, the quality of your writing and the application of APA format will be evaluated in addition to your content. Evaluation based on these criteria is designed to help prepare you for preparing your college projects, which must be well written and follow APA guidelines.
Answer each question fully. Make sure that you use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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