The separation

Complete the separation wehave given below of the binary ( In` substance ] mixture dissolved in the intimated EriksEn, the of the structuresof the species throughout the separation schanze. Note that the organic solvent layers are dried over the indicated drying agent HECLEAR AND NEAT WITH Your presentation ( Do not forget to include the current formula at the drying apart after it becomes hydrated!anddissolved in diethyl etherOrganic layer( solid) ( OK, = 10.28)[liquid!( * = 0.713 8 / ML )dried with MESO`During the separation stages , the organic layer will lie*the aqueous layer . (Insert " ahave" or " below "!HO- — CH, + H;C- > CH; in Call` – Cally ( diethyl Elver)Shake withQUIETUS Layerorganic layerI’ with with saturated] add MESDIALI Vacuum filtration31 gravity filtersolid residueIque`us liverkillrateSolid residue( discard!I’) wash with cold water21 air dryEvaporate Cally- [_ Calls

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