The Simple Pendulum

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Simple Pendulum.The oscillations were repeated nine times using the same thread, same ball, while varying the length of the thread. The data was collected and analyzed using a graph. The results showed that as the length of the thread was reduced so was the time taken for a complete oscillation.It is widely known that the acceleration gravity g = 9.8 m/s2. (PHY 123 Lab 1 – Error and Uncertainty and the Simple Pendulum, 2010). However, the acceleration gravity may vary and as such the experiment of a simple pendulum can be used to determine the acceleration gravity (L09. Measuring the Acceleration Due to Gravity with a Simple Pendulum). The movement of a fixed object from one point to the opposite side and back to the original point is called an oscillation (Gray, Costanzo, Conaway, Watterson, & Riley, 2005). The period of the oscillation is dependent on the length of the pendulum, the amplitude of the swing and the acceleration due to gravity (PHY 123 Lab 1 – Error and Uncertainty and the Simple Pendulum, 2010). There are a number of factors always ignored that could affect the period of the pendulum-the experimental errors (L09. Measuring the Acceleration Due to Gravity with a Simple Pendulum). The objective of this experiment was to estimate the value of gravitational force (g), based on measurements obtained from a simple pendulum and comparing it to the value of widely accepted value of 9.81ms-2. Moreover, the project aimed at understanding the relationship between different parameters in an oscillating system. The relationship employed in this experiment was:The sphere (golf ball) was connected to a thread to create a pendulum. The length of the thread used for this experiment was 0.79m determined by the measurement tool. A stopwatch was used to set and record the time taken for the oscillations. The pendulum was fixed to a table in order to limit errors and to make the oscillations near perfect. The time was set before the oscillations then measured and recorded

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