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Write a research-based argumentative paper on a topic from the Reading List found in the course Blackboard site. You will write a minimum 1,000 word essay (four or more pages) based on your Annotated Bibliography. Your thesis statement will make a valid claim and will reflect your own critically well thought out argument. Using the skills you have developed over the semester, you will collect, summarize, analyze, and evaluate answer your research question in the paper.

We will be devoting class time to conducting research and developing your arguments to assist you with writing and polishing your research paper.

Final Research Paper that does the following:

a) uses academic and professional sources to explore a question at issue;

b) articulates an informed position on an issue, making a well-reasoned argument based on your analysis of the research;

c) proceeds according to a line of reasoning that supports the argument;

d) correctly documents the use of sources;

e) directs diction, voice, tone, an d evidence to a diverse, academic audience; and

f) does all of the above in accordance with the conventions of standard written English.

This paper will be typed, double-spaced, and documented according to MLA format.

Length of Paper: Minimum 1,000 words/4+ pages (NOT including the Works Cited list)

Purpose: To actively participate in the research process by conducting research about a specific topic in literature and by developing an argument in response to a research question.

Audience: You will choose the audience for your specific topic. However, keep in mind that your instructor and classmates will also be reading your paper.

Voice: Academic, authoritative, knowledgeable.


The text of your research paper will consist of the following:

Thesis statement (included in introduction)
Body paragraphs
Supported counterargument(s) with supported rebuttal(s)
Works Cited
Your research paper should follow MLA style guidelines. Consult a copy of the MLA Handbook, Blackboard links, class notes, and handouts I have either given you or posted in Blackboard over the course of the semester.

Paper format: Follow MLA 8th Edition style format for research papers. Do not forget to use appropriate in-text citations for quotations or paraphrased information gained from your sources.

Works Cited List (MLA format): The Works Cited List is the last page(s) of a research paper and includes only those sources you actually quote, paraphrase, refer to, or cite in the text of your paper. To receive a passing grade on this assignment you must cite at least THREE (3) academic sources in the text of your paper include the same THREE (3) sources on the Works Cited List of your FINAL research paper. You must also cite EACH (at least one) short fiction or poetry used in your analysis both in the text and on the Works Cited page. You will narrow your list down from your annotated bibliography. You may, of course, exceed the above requirements as long as you meet the minimum number of sources.

Types of sources on your Works Cited List:

One (1) or more pieces or short fiction and/or poetry from the reading list

Three (3) or more scholarly journal articles (scholarly journals may come from databases, as well as from the actual hard copy of the journal)

You may use additional, non-scholarly resources from reputable sources if you believe those sources enhance your argument.

Things to keep in mind:

You will be developing an ARGUMENT that is in response to a research question, NOT describing a topic and not writing an informative paper. However, you may find the need to use descriptive or informative techniques in your paper.

Grammatical, punctuation, and organization errors will count against your grade.
PROOFREAD the text of your paper, as well as the Works Cited list.

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