The use of polygraph testing as evidence

Compose a 2250 words essay on The use of polygraph testing as evidence. Under these two conflicting issues, the question still remains, is the use of polygraph testing a sufficient evidence to pin down a suspicious character? Does it really work? This study will attempt to investigate various criticisms, researches and feedback to bring to light the importance of the polygraph testing machine.A polygraph means “many writings” of the physiological activities at the same time, a method done by its inventor, William Marston, in 1917. His claimed that he “could reveal verbal deception by observing systolic blood pressure”.(EPIC, 2003) This claim was ruled out by the D.C. Court of Appeals stating that there was not enough scientific evidence to support the lie detector machine of Marston.A century later, another inventor came up with a new version of the lie detector machine. Leonard Keeler who invented a new version set up a school to train examiners, and eventually his version of polygraph machine was used in the legal investigations.A Polygraph machine is described as “a machine that records the body to an examiner’s question in order to ascertain deceptive behavior. The test measures physiological data from three or more systems of the human body- generally, the respiratory, cardiovascular, and sweat gland systems-but not the voice.” (EPIC, 2003). A separate testing is used for the voice.Polygraph system is generally used for investigations of private businesses, juridical and for law enforcements. Certain restrictions were however imposed for polygraph testing for employee protection, under the Employee Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA).Under the EPPA, a pre-employment polygraph test is not required, and an employer cannot be dismissed for refusal to take a polygraph exam. Under this rule also, certain criteria must first be met if ever an employer requests for a lie detector test for an employee.Several states have adopted this system, but safeguards and variations were

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