You will write one essay of 500 – 600 words for your final exam. I am providing the prompt now so that you can begin the essay any time that is convenient for you, but you must upload your essay to the link below by midnight of the due date specified in the Assignment Calendar.

The final exam essay must be formatted in MLA Paper form.


You have participated in a Discussion Board Forum and written a Journal Writing about the character of Chaucer’s Wife of Bath. You are aware of her complexity as an ingenuous, cunning, open, and ambitious woman. For your final exam essay, I would like you to write a comparison/contrast essay in which you discuss the Wife of Bath as she compares or contrasts with one or more of these three modern, well known American women: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and/or Oprah.

Think beyond and beneath cliches and perceptions. The comparison should be no disrespect to these modern iconic women. Obviously times have changed, and I am in no way suggesting that these modern women share all or even some of the qualities of the Wife of Bath other than her drive for independence, sovereignty, and success.

In developing your comparisons and contrasts, you must use AT LEAST THREE SOURCES to gather information and insights to support your claims and interpretations. These sources will need to be cited in-text and on a Works Cited page using accurate MLA Documentation Style.