The World without the United States

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: The World without the United States.This money could be spent better on other domestic affairs that can benefit the American nation. Furthermore, its military units have been based on quite a number of countries worldwide so as to provide the host nations with a sense of security and a lower budget in the defense sector. I do agree that America has helped in curbing many wars all around the world than any other country could have done or any union for that matter. The security of the world belongs to the hands of all of us, and if there will be no one to protect innocent people from evil predators then the world community will fall apart easily. I agree that the citizens have a right to choose what the country does with its tax money as they are the contributors to that fund, and they should be allowed to vote on how they wish their government to spend their tax money (Anderson). Furthermore, America is going good by helping other countries by providing security and I disagree idea for the nation to withdraw its military forces out of these countries since their withdrawal could trigger war and affect majority of civilians who depended on the services that were being offered by the United States. The America, in addition, has the best force, and it is justifiable for them to help and act as global peacekeepers. However, it is not because the country is so powerful that triggers it to place its forces all over the world, there is no force applied to the America to protect other nations, the idea here is that the United States virtues allow it to do so and its concern for human rights.

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