Human personality

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

In this unit, you are looking at different theories that attempt to explain human personality, as well as how people are influenced by those around them. All of these theories have strongly impacted the field of psychology, but usually one stands out above the rest for each individual student.

In this Discussion Board, you will further examine a theory of your choosing and use it to help explain why you have chosen to go into your career field. You will also choose a peer-reviewed research article from the library that relates to your career field in some important way. This will help you practice choosing a peer-reviewed research article for later discussions and your Unit 8 Assignment.

After reading about the different personality theories (psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, social-cognitive, biological, trait), choose one that most interests you.

Describe the theory and why you think it helps explain your career choice.

Use the abstract and introduction section of your chosen peer-reviewed research article to explain how it relates to your career choice. Use the Cite link next to your article to include an APA reference to it

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