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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses There is no set topic.He plays with the visual elements of his beloved’s imagination, describing how he would oblige his duties at his leisure, without a care for the time that passes.He expresses his endless love for his muse by explaining the incapability of loving her the way he desires to with such a short mortal life.He wishes upon both of them health and youth eternal, so that they can truly enjoy each other’s love. The poet clear use of the word ‘mistress’ seems an acknowledgement that this relationship is indeed a secret and doomed in the long run. This reminds one of the great 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer when he said most eloquently, “To desire immortality is to desire the eternal perpetuation of a great mistake” (Malhotra, pp. 102). However, love does not often take logic or reasoning into account when it is born in the hearts of lover, in fact, in some cases, it is quite the other way around. The relationship between love and immortality seems almost inspired from Emily Dickinson’s words “For Love Is Immortality,” (Dickinson and Franklin, pp. 403).Marvell’s graphic description of death creates quite a stark contrast to his earlier visualization of immortality. He seems to scare almost his mistress with the gloominess and darkness of death and the grave, her beauty and youth being only temporary gifts of life, as if in anticipation of her mistress’s anxious and hurried consent to his proposal. He then strives to coax his beloved to release all her doubts and inhibitions, so that both of them can truly enjoy each other’s presence, and let their lust and desire fill their lives instead of the fear of a gloomy demise.Man’s unquenchable desire for immortality and his unrelenting fear of death has indeed influenced his mind and life in the most remarkable ways. From his earliest tales and myths inspired from objects, such as the fountain of everlasting

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