Think piece analysis

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Analysis, College (3-4)

In a think piece of no fewer than 400 words, answer the following:

Choose a building with which you are familiar or one that interests you. Explain that building using at least four (4) elements and/or principles of composition applied to architecture as described in the text. Underline or place in italics the elements and/or principles.

Consider function, structure, and materials. How does the building relate to its environment and/or other buildings near it? If you need to go to outside sources for information, remember to correctly site those sources in the body of your paper with in-text citations and then to create the appropriate Works Cited page.

The purpose of this exercise is to display your understanding of the concepts of the chapter. ***Remember that if you go to outside sources (meaning the information used is not your own) for your information, those sources must be cited in the body of you paper, and a Works Cited page must be included. Direct quotes will not be counted as part of the overall word count.***

Book for reference is pearsons, “public speaking handbook 6th edition’ By; steven& susan beebe

please see attached grading rubric

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