Thinking Critically

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Thinking Critically. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. This caused for falling of sales from the last three months.Sharmaji firstly identify the problem elaborately. Some problems may become the real problems that may be caused for the falling of sales. Sharmaji critically think the real problems facing in the store and the terms of urgency in the company. In accordance with Sharmaji the real performance of a business is related to the employees. The satisfaction, market trend,working experience, their interest to work are based on the performance of a business. When the marketing trends are changed, it can be motivated by the employees, the employees can find ways to succeed the problem. (University of Phoenix)(1)Sharmaji critically think the problems’ urgency and criticality. The urgent problems can be impact the store’s problems in short-term and the critical problems is that can be impact in a significant manner in the operations of the company. He understands that the sales are decreased from the past three months only this store. Any other has not the problems. Because of the competition process that the present market’s facing problem the sales become fall.For the overcome of the problem they take decision to take alternative solution to this problem.(Koontz)(2) They think to purchase another Store cooling and air-conditioned machine to the store and by this increase the sales. They discussed it with other subordinates and take the decision of purchase. They critically think that his is the only way to achieve the goal.But the legal side takes notice that the new machine has some newly furnished machine and that will cause for the air pollution. They detect the installing of the new machine. By the new machine the company can reduce the cost of electricity and this will cause for increase of the return. But the rules of Law of the companies will not allow for the installation.

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