Thinking [is/is not] a biological process

by | May 20, 2021 | Argumentative Essay, Philosophy

Topic for thesis:

Thinking [is/is not] a biological process in the same sense that photosynthesis is.

This assignment is very similar to your 500-word paper assignments, except that it is at least 1000 words, and at most 1200 words.

Pick a specific, controversial, philosophical question we’ve discussed in class. I recommend choosing a question that both interests and confuses you some—that is, choose a topic where you can really see the arguments on both sides.

First, spend a brief chunk of the paper stating the question as clearly and precisely as you can, and defending your answer to it. As usual, it’s typically better to pick as specific a thesis as you can, rather than a broad one. As before, do not waste time on a general, speculative, warm-up opening (like “throughout time, philosophers have debated…”). Get right to the point. You only have 1000 words! 

Next, in another clearly-marked section, spend another significant chunk (at least 350 words) stating what you think is the strongest objection to your view. Explain why someone intelligent might disagree with you. Here especially you should pay close attention to our readings—especially the opposing ones. You might use brief direct quotes where appropriate, as long as you explain the quotation and how it is an objection.

Finally, in the last chunk, give reasons why you hold your thesis despite this good objection you just considered. Do not simply restate your thesis; respond to the objection you just discussed.
Do not worry about writing a summary.

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