Three Rivers TESOL

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Three Rivers TESOL Conference Proposal.“ Of all the languages in the world today English deserves to be regarded as a world language.” (Verghese 1) The teachers of the ESL program have a clear objective of teaching English as a the second language. It is important that they should be aware of the socio-economic backgrounds of their students in order to better incorporate their needs and make them successful English speakers. This paper will focus on how the teachers will use the information technology to know about their students and teach them in a more effective manner.

This paper will furnish the details that most of the students in the South East Asia are fluent with the usage of the internet portals like Yahoo and Skype. They have easy access to the WIFI technology and can fully communicate using these sources. The use of internet chat room like Yahoo and Skype which are more personalized as compared to the public chat rooms, will help the teachers better understand their students.

This paper will reveal ways and methods in which the teachers should be made familiar with using the internet to communicate with their students in order to better understand them and help them with their queries. Using YouTube and Skype classrooms will help a teacher interact with their students anywhere with the world. This paper will show modules that would familiarize teachers with the internet classrooms to better communicate with their students. These distant learning tools will improve the level of both teaching and….

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