Tim’s coffee shoppe

In order for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe to be successful, Tim will have to be sure he has a consistent and reliable supply of coffee beans.Research coffee bean producing countries on the Internet. Choose one country, along with a grower, that would have the greatest supplier potential to import beans for domestic sales with your distribution firm.Write your original, double-spaced expository essay in a minimum of 4 pages (which includes a Title and a References page) and use 12-point Times New Roman font. Your citations (minimum one (1), and maximum two (2) short scholarly citations) and references must follow APA format and citation style.Checklist: Address the following items in an expository essay and APA format and citation style:   •Choose a country and a grower for your supplier of coffee beans that you (as distributor) can then sell.•What are the economic advantages of dealing with a vendor from this country?•Does the country have environmental laws that align with those of our country? What are they?•Will there be a marketing advantage by divulging the source of the coffee beans? Why or why not?•Will sourcing the beans from the supplier you choose affect Tim’s bottom-line or not? Discuss your reasoning.Use a minimum of one and maximum of two short scholarly citations and references.

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