Training program

Compose a 2500 words assignment on training program for Westland banks plc: benefits, necessity and practicability of the program. Based on the information provided to us the first choice is the most likely one, as there is no mention of “new employees”, instead the term “new leaders” has been used, so that clearly states that our team has already been working for the same bank and all of the 15 employees are promoted from within the bank itself. Within the second section of this business report, we will discuss the foundation or rationale of our purpose which is to train the 15 employees in terms of communication skills, work delegation and conflict management skills. (Greer, 1994) Within this part of our report, we will also discuss the cost and the duration of the project. It is to be noted that the duration of the project is to be kept at the most minimal level since once this training program is over, we will be ready to take up other training projects from Westland. Within this section of the report we are to discuss the feasibility of the location and the cost of the project, except for the above-mentioned purposes we will also create a time table and work schedule based on the comfortableness of the 15 team leaders as well as the bank officials. Under this section several methods of evaluation will be discussed, whereby, the officials at Westland may check the effectiveness and efficiency of our training methods. This will also enable the bank to prioritize us in other training modules. The employee training programs came into effective practice since after World War II. Not only were these programs had gained superior popularity during that time, but almost all the large scale industries had opted for employee training programs to increase their employee’s efficiency, management, and marketing and communication abilities. (Dinero, 2005)

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