ENGL106 —TRAP Test Complete the table below by answering the questions fisted foe each of the sections below to determine the timeliness, reliability, authority, and purpose (TRAP Test)

Title and author of the article chosen:

Link to article:

Using the Cite function on our article, cut and paste the APA citation for your article:


This refers to the currency of the information

  1. When was the article published (Can you find a publication date)?
  2. Is the information culvert (meaning it is still valid) or out-of-date?


This refers to the usefulness of the information

  1. ls the information accurate and complete?
  2. ls it primarily fact or opinion?
  3. Are there references for the quotes and data?


This refers to the source of the information

  1. Who is the author? ls the author or organization qualified to speak on the subject? How do you know?
  2. Does the author provide contact information or credentials? Why is this important?
  3. Is the information sponsored? If so, is the sponsor/publisher reputable?


This refers to the reason for the information.

  1. What is the purpose of the article (to present facts or to influence opinion)?
  2. Based on the writing style, who is the intended audience?
  3. For websites, what is the domain (.com = commercial, .org = government .org = organization, .edu = education) and how does this influence the point of view?

Choosing Credible Resources

The Internet has made a seemingly unlimited amount of information readily available. The first challenge for writers is to distinguish between credible and non-credible resources. Writers must then properly use the sources they choose for honest and effective writing.

For this discussion, use the article that you selected for your paper topic in Unit 4. Review the source.

  1. Use this document to complete a TRAP (Timeliness, Reliability, Authority, Purpose) analysis of your article.
  2. Attach the TRAP analysis document as a Word document to your DB post so your classmates are able to review your analysis.
  3. In your DB post, discuss why you regard your article a credible source.

Responses to Peers

Review at least 2 peers’ analyses of the articles they selected, and weigh in on whether you would agree with their analysis. Offer suggestions for selecting additional resources that may be equally or more credible. Be sure to explain your reasoning.

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