Triangle utilities

What are the constraints and objective for Triangle Utilities?Triangle Utilities provides electricity for three cities . The company has four electric generators that are used to provide electricity . The main generator operates 24 hours per day , with an occasional shut- down for routine maintenance . Three other generators ( 1 , 2, and 3 ) are available*to provide additional power when needed . A start- up cost is incurred each time one of these*Generators is started . The start- up costs are $6, 000 for 1, 55, 000 for 2, and $4, 000 for 3 . These BETTERators are Used in one of the following wars : a generator may be started at 6:10 am . and run for Either & hours or 16 hours , or it may be started at 2:010 p.m. and run for & hours ( until 10: 010p.m . J . Each generator can only be started once . All generators except the main generator are shutdown at 10:010 p.m . Forecasts indicate the need for 3, 200 megawatts more than provided by the main generator before 2:00 p.m., and this need goes up to 5, 700 megawatts between 2: 010 and 10:010p.m . Generator I may provide up to 2, 400 megawatts, generator 2 may provide up to 2, 1010megawatts , and generator 3 may provide up to 3, 300 megawatts . The cost per megawatt used per B – hour period is $& for 1, 59 for 2 , and 57 for ].( a) Formulate this problem as a mixed integer program to determine the least- cost way to meet the needs of the area.I b) Solve the problem formulated in ( a ) by Excel solver .

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