CRJU304 Research Paper Information

Research Paper: This will be a book analysis. Each student will be assigned a true crime novel and will write an 10-page research paper applying criminological theories to the case. Thus, you will be comparing and contrasting at least two theories to the crime(s) that are depicted in the book.

Page length does not include the title page and list of references.In the paper you should at a minimum, include the following:

1.Summarize the book a.Identify the subject of the book. b. Detail the crimes committed by the person or persons

2.Provide an overview of the criminological theories you will apply to the case

3.Provide a description of the major concepts and predictions of the theories

4.Discuss how the theories, concepts, etc. apply to your case

5.Summarize how the case was actually concluded

6.Discuss whether the theories you selected assisted in explaining the crimes

We will spend time in class discussing your books, which will help you to formulate your ideas about applying specific theories. Below I listed some of the more popular books on true crime. If there is a book that you are interested in, please let me know and we can discuss whether it is appropriate for the assignment.

Examples of True Crime Books: Lost Girls– Long Island Killer Homicide– David Simon Devils Knot– West Memphis 3 In Cold Blood– Truman Capote Executioner’s Song– Gary Gilmore Atlanta Child Murders– Wayne Williams Edmund Lemper– Jack Rosewood Misbegotten Son– Jack Olsen Whitey Bulger– Cullen and Murphy The Stranger Beside Me– Ted Bundy HelterSkelter– Charles Manson The Triangle– NY Bloods and Crips Underboss– Mafia No One Would Listen– Bernie Madoff.