True/False Questions

True/False Questions Each of the following statements is either true or false. Indicate your choice by circling T or F.

1. Error checking finds and corrects formula errors.

2. A highlight cells rule works with error checking to identify special formats.

3. The multiplication symbol in a formula is /

4. The page orientation depends on the cell orientation.

5. You can control the order of precedence in a formula with parentheses.

6. Division is calculated before addition in a formula without parentheses.

7. A 3-D reference is a cell address on another worksheet in the workbook.

8. An absolute reference does not adjust when the formula is copied to another cell.

Short Answer Questions

Write the correct answer in the space provided.

1. What is the keyboard shortcut to display or hide formulas?

2. Which page orientation is taller than it is wide?

3. How would the cell reference $F$3 be described?

4. How would the cell reference Sheet!B4 be described?

5. What type of operation is being performed in the formula = A4*B4 ?

6. What group on the Page Layout tab provides options for printing a largeworksheet on an index card?

7. Describe how this formula would be calculated: =(B4+C4)/D18. How could you find cells that have a highlight cells rule applied?

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