Use some of the knowledge you have acquired in this class to write a 5-6 page analysis of a popular
culture artifact/text/practice/phenomenon.

The following are suggestions for points you should include, but they are in no way mandatory (the grade will not be determined by what you include but by how well you understand and apply the approach to your topic – see rubric below). Because of the preparatory work you have already done, it should be easy to put this together (you can use portions of your previous work, but my advice is to use ideas that you now refine – don’t copy and paste).
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1. the significance of the text/practice (why should one care to analyze it?) Here you can include comparisons with other popular artifacts, if that helps your argument.
2. what are the questions / issues that you want to explore in relation to your text/practice/phenomenon?
3. What is the approach you are using and why?

A brief description of the text/practice (remember that the way you describe it could become part of your argument)*
A brief description of the approach/approaches and an argument for why the approach(es) is/are appropriate for this text/practice.
The analysis of your text/practice using the chosen approach or a combination of approaches. How does the text/practice look like when you approach it in this way? What is its meaning? What does it do in the world? Here you can include comparisons with other popular artifacts, if that helps your argument.
* The description could also be embedded in the actual analysis. Or you can provide a brief description first, to prepare the terrain for announcing your approach and embed a more comprehensive description in your analysis.

III. Conclusion

1. Demonstrate that your analysis answers your initial research question(s); explain how.
2. Tell your readers what important aspects of the text were illuminated by your analysis and explain why your analysis is important (why should anybody care?).
3. What was left unsaid in your paper? How could you or other people further explore this text?
The book also provides plenty of student essay samples to get a sense of what is expected from you. In addition, please see the rubric below.

Use of Critical Perspective and Analysis (method/app roach)

Chose an appropriate lens for the text at hand. Applied thoroughly and accurately. Makes an appropriate, thorough, and convincing argument.

Sources are appropriate to the topic, sufficient in number, and used to properly situate the topic within a larger body of scholarly work.