Two specific places (Compare & Contrast)


Before completing this assignment (Essay #2), read all information in this packet.

  • The final, MLA-formatted hard copy of Essay #2 is due on the front desk within the first ten minutes of the class period on the due date.  
  • You are required to complete this essay to earn credit (a grade) for Essay #2.
  • Recommended: You may submit a minimum of two drafts of this essay to Criterion for help with proofreading and editing.  For this essay, see submission dates announced in class and also posted in Criterion.

Prepare this essay according to the directions outlined in this packet, or automatically I will not accept and/or grade it, or the essay will not earn a satisfactory grade.  (See p. 4 of this packet for the complete Preparation/Formatting Guidelines and Requirements checklist for this essay.)

I WILL ACCEPT Essay #2 during any MWF or TR class session before the deadlines above or if submitted directly to me during my office hours BEFORE the deadlines above.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT Essay #2 if it is turned in after the due date(s) and after the time frame to submit assignments during class sessions (See Bullet #2.)—no exceptions and no negotiations.

I WILL NOT ACCEPT Essay #2 if it is placed in either of my mailboxes, left in my office, or sent via e-mail without an arrangement for you to do so—no exceptions and no negotiations.  (See Bullet #2 above.)

The content and writing and grammar skills displayed in this essay must be your own.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE or DEPEND ON OTHERS’ HELP as you are writing this essay.

REMINDERS: Before you submit your work on the due date(s) and by the due time, confirm that you have met the requirements by using the checklist on p. 4 of this packet.



Follow the FOUR PLANNING STEPS to plan your 5-PARAGRAPH comparison OR contrast essay. 

PREPARE AN OUTLINE FOR YOUR ESSAY using the outline e-mailed with this directions packet (or given in class).

Organize your essay according to the POINT-BY -POINT METHOD.  The outline form provided is set up in this format.

Follow the Preparation/Formatting Guidelines listed below and on page 4 of this instructions packet.


Topics      Compare OR Contrast (You must follow the Point-by-point method…)                  T

wo SPECIFIC places (i.e. two cities, two countries, two restaurants, two churches, your previous neighborhood with your current neighborhood, etc.) that you have visited or where you have lived  

Two SPECIFIC aspects of YOUR OWN LIFE (i.e. how you were as a high school student vs. how you are as a college student, how you were as a teenager vs. how you are as an adult, how you were  as a single person vs. how you are as a spouse/partner, etc.)  Yourself with a SPECIFIC relative OR  yourself with a SPECIFIC friend  

Two SPECIFIC athletes, actors, singers, politicians, talk show hosts/hostesses, OR other popular figures (not fictional characters/figures)


Your final, hard copy of Essay #2 (Compare OR Contrast Essay) must be typed and formatted in Microsoft Word.SUBMIT WITHIN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES OF CLASS on the due dates.

Follow MLA formatting (i.e. type, double-space, include last name and page numbers in the upper right hand corner of each page, etc.). 

See p. 4 of this packet for a detailed checklist of the formatting requirements. The paper must be a full two and a half to three (2 ½ – 3 ½) pages long once typed and formatted in MLA style.  I will not accept and/or read any essay that is shorter than or excessively above the minimum page requirement, OR your essay will not earn a satisfactory grade.

Substantially develop your paragraphs and the entire essay by providing concrete examples to illustrate and support what you say about your subjects.

Name this essay assignment Essay #2 (Compare OR Contrast). 

See Item #9 on p. 4. Refer to your T4 packet, class notes, The Bedford Handbook, and The Compact Reader as needed.  Apply all that you have learned during the term thus far, including avoiding using “you,” using contractions, using “different” and “similar” and their various forms.  Also, meet and exceed the minimums required for paragraph development.


Submit a minimum of two drafts of your essay to Criterion. Use the program’s feedback to carefully edit and proofread your essay. 

Also, apply all grammar, punctuation, and sentence skills covered during the term.  Transfer your final edited version to Microsoft Word before the Criterion submissions deadline.  See submission dates in Criterion.

In addition to its written quality, the paper will be graded according to the preparation/formatting guidelines and requirements outlined in this packet and on p. 4 and MDC’s Gordon Rule Rubric. APPLICATION OF GRADE EARNED –The grade will earn you credit for Essay #2 only.


(If you do not meet ALL requirements, your essay will not be accepted and/or will not receive a satisfactory grade.)

Place your final formatted version of Essay #2 on the front desk WITHIN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES

OF CLASS ON Wednesday, April 2 (MWF Classes) and Thursday, April 4 (TR Classes).

  • RECOMMENDATION: Before submitting your final, hard copy of Essay #2,submit a minimum of two drafts of your essay to Criterion for extra help with editing and proofreading. Apply all skills covered during the term, including avoiding using “you,” “different,” “similar,” and their variations.  SEE SUBMISSION DATES POSTED IN CRITERION.
  • Format the final copy of your essay in MLA STYLE.  (See essay beginning on p. 666 in you’re The Bedford Handbook for an example).  Items #7 and #8 below highlight and illustrate a few basic formatting requirements. 
  • Type and format your essay in Microsoft Word.  Type the paper using 12-point font size (Times New Roman).  Double space your entire essay. Adhere to one-inch margins all around.  Indent (press tab key once) at the start of each paragraph.
  • Once typed and formatted in Microsoft Word, your essay must be A MINIMUM OF 2 ½ (NO FEWER) TO A MAXIMUM OF 3 ½ PAGES (NO LONGER).  The essay must demonstrate substantialcontent and paragraph and essay development.  Apply minimums for paragraph and essay development.

Note: Fewer than 2 ½ pages will result in an automatic unsatisfactory (failing) grade for the assignment. 

           For this essay, I will accept up to four pages (no longer) given the nature of this type of essay.

  • Print your essay on white paper using black ink.  The print must be clear—no faded ink, making reading difficult.
  • Type your last name and page number in the upper right-hand corner of each page.  See illustration below.
                                                            Last Name 1
                                                           Last Name 2
                                                           Last Name 3
  • On the first page only (page one), in the upper left-hand corner and in the following order include your full name, the professor’s name, the course name, the due date (in MLA style— 3 April 2019 (for MWF Classes) and 4 April 2019 (for TR Classes) andthe assignment’s name.  (See sample below.)
                                                              Last Name 1  
Student’s Full Name                           
ENC 1101  
Due Date (Follow MLA Style.)  
Assignment’s Name (See #9 below.)  
Your Essay’s Title (Double-space before beginning typing the essay.)  
  •         Name this essay assignment Essay #2 (Compare OR Contrast).  See Item #8 above for sample.

Provide a clear title for your essay.  Apply all rules for titles.  See Handout T5 in your T4 packet for rules. 

Attach your outline to your completed essay.  Attach behind your essay.  Follow the Point-by-Point method.

Staple (or paper clip) all pages in the upper left-hand corner before coming to class and submitting your essay on the due date indicated above.  I do not provide stapling or paper clip services.

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