TWOS anaylsis for 2 companies

Need an argumentative essay on TWOS anaylsis for 2 companies. Needs to be 4 pages. Organizations may face problems during its operations, and due to the competition in industries, TWOS analysis can identify a strategic position of the company in relation to its set objectives.Mannai Corporation in Qatar is a holding company principally engaged in trades and services across all private sectors in Qatar. The Oxford Business Group (2007) notes the company owns 14 subsidiaries offering sales and services of automobiles, information technology, engineering, and heavy equipment sales among others. The company also offers industrial products as well as office products including logistics, warehouses, and representatives of international organizations. This organization is a complex entity made up of different groups of people specialized with specific purposes in the set of rules, relationships, procedures, policies and culture.According to Rao et al. (2008), in TWOS analysis, threats are the external factors affecting any Corporation. Threats involve elements in the external environment that represent risk to the organization. Competition from outside companies remains the main threat in Mannai Corporation. Milaha is among the main competitors in this industry. The location of the company is strategic and therefore it attracts many interests, which are partly political. Lack of proper security in the area also poses a threat. According to Kamrava (2013), other threats include social threats such as resistance by the society to carry out training programs and lack of funds to facilitate the training of these programs. A strong establishment necessitates a strong political backing sustained funding and just remuneration for the staff.Financial resource is a challenge to the organization. The organization requires expanding and advancing in service delivery. It requires more equipment and staff to run the organization, but funds pouring in are limited. As a result, there are little or no training programs for

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