Types of law enforcement agencies

In this discussion forum, we will discuss the various types of law enforcement agencies, from small town police departments to large Federal agencies. The Types of jobs available will depend on the agency’s mission and jurisdiction.  Select three agencies, one local (Police Department or Sheriff’s Department), one state (State Police Agency), and one federal law enforcement agency and provide responses to the following questions.  Please note the following agencies are not law enforcement agencies, CIA, NSA or CPS so don’t use them.   Provide brief details on what the mission and jurisdiction is for each agency.

1. What cross jurisdictional authority do the agencies you selected share?
2. What joint missions do the agencies share?
3. What makes each agency unique from each other?
4. In your opinion based on facts, do you believe that the United States system of fragmented law enforcement authorities and jurisdictions divided amongst local, state, and the federal law enforcement agencies is more effective or less effective as opposed to European Countries that have national police agencies that handled every facet of law enforcement in their countries?

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