Types of Probation

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Types of Probation. Britain introduced personal supervision to young offenders in 1820 with experimental measures. Probation is first named by Augustus John in 1841 as he works with the Washington Abstinence society. He visits the Boston police court and does pretrial inquiries on offenders and this evolves into what was known as the Massachusetts scheme (DP, 2011). The first systematic example of probation supervision began in 1869 in America. Between 1878 and 1938 various states and districts including the federal government set up probation laws. In 1983 electronic monitoring of offenders begins in Mexico followed by Florida. In 1989 a survey indicates that fifty states have adopted intensive probation and other intermediate sanction programs (Anderson, 2010).

The probation supervision has developed over the years with states enacting various laws to help in ensuring effective and adequate supervision. These laws have seen the introduction of other types of supervision such as standard supervision, unsupervised probation, and informal supervision. Al these have developed in order to make probation supervision easy, convenient and effective (HCDA, 2011).

Probation as a process means that it is an investigation that is conducted by a specific court and the supervision of persons in a community. An investigation such that an individual is monitored by a court whether they are changing behavior or not and supervision such that an individual is assigned a person whom they are supposed to report to or who monitors them to make sure they are doing what is right. If they deviating they can be sentenced or the period of probation can be increased (PA, 2011).

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