Types of programming careers

This exercise will help you discover different types of programming careers that should help you reach your career goals.  You will collect and post your information in the Programming Careers Forum (ProgCareer Forum).  Complete the following:

Using at least 4 good sources, Research different types of Programming Careers.  Concentrate on the Careers and not job titles or locations.  It does not matter that it is not in Houston at this time. What type of programming careers do you want? What type of programming careers do you NOT want?  Find and discuss at least 2 programming careers you would like? Find and discuss at least 1 programming careers you would NOT like? Find and discuss at least 1 other programming careers you might be interested in? Beside the articles listed above this assignment, check out the Programming Careers Left-Side-panel item contains other links to programming career websites: For each of type of Programming Career do: Document where you found this particular Programming Career. In your own words explain in 2-3 paragraphs describe this Programming Career and why you chose it for this paper. Include a target Companies that do this type of programming. List Career Requirements and Career Responsibilities. List 5-10 skills you need for this career. Include a abstract and summary for your paper. Research Paper including Internet/Other Research.

At least Four(4) cited job source web-sites Three to Five (3 to 5) pages double spaced Research Paper Format Required sections: Title, Abstract, Body and References. Other sections are optional. Since the research paper is being posted on the discussion board, each section does not need to start a new page. Need at least one full page of your opinions and concerns about these topics

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