Ugly side of beautiful nails

Case Study: ugly side of beautiful nailsThis case study is an overview of the nail industry where many come to enjoy and peaceful service of tranquility and pampering, but at the unknown expense of the health of its workers due to the chemicals used to perform the nail service on a daily basis exposed to them internally and externally not using the necessary tools to protect their skin or prevention of breathing such hazardous chemicals. Generally, the nail industry is affected by several factors which tints the image of the prestigious industry. the clients are seen to be deprived their rights to privacy while the workers are seen to be fighting for survival as they are faced with work condition challenges including low salary pays. the government should come in handy to ensure that they control the industry and standardize the operations in the industry.The nail industry consists of the following stakeholders: Government, Community, and Customers, because of the impact they all have on each and the power each possess.The Government because it brings forth awareness of issues that could hinder the promotion of economic development by regulating and implementing laws that will advance social justice in favor of the community whether to or not allow commercial activity.The customers are stakeholder because of their financial support to receive the service rendered which is expected to be safe and reliable. And have the voice power through boycotting if services are unsatisfactory and can affect the status of the business.The employees are also stakeholders because they contribute their labor in return for fair pay and benefits through the company and are able to be heard to action of union bargaining power, such as public strikes, work actions, etc.2.Which workplace rights are violated in thee nail salon industry?The work place rights violated in the nails industry is the right to privacy, also the nonpayment of minimum wages to the workers by the employers, not providing overtime, occupational health hazards at workplace and making the employees to work without wages, or extortion of money in thee name of training fee. These facts were exposed by “The New York Times”. Some data was obtained from Government sources.The conditions in which these workers were working, along with low pay, abusive working conditions and constant exposure to chemicals.3.What factors make it difficult for workers in the nail industry to organize to improve their conditions?  How could these factors be overcome?The Industry is fragmented and there is on union or association of nail workers to advocate their rights. Furthermore, many of the workers are unauthorized migrants that always fear for the worst. Many of them are living in penury, so they fear the loss of job if they turn against the employers. Some of the issues can be improved by organizing the workers and improve their bargaining conditions. Others can be addressed to by the Government by bringing regulations for governing thee work in this industry.some of the factors includes the nature of service involved which is quite tasking and requires physical contact with the client. in order to improve the condition, the industry should come up with specialized machines to do the job instead of the human resource to help protect the privacy of the clients.Managers can improve the situation of nail salon industry even if they can not pay they handsome salary, yet they can ensure that the workers are provided various safety instruments like gloves masks and arrange proper ventilations to ensure the safety of workers. I think this practice can ensure health hazards are minimized, even if they are not getting good salary yet their health is not compromised.Since workers are underpaid and have less means to ensure their safety, they can unite together with a common goal of health safety. They can educate each other about the various initiatives they can undertake to minimize health risks. They can also form a union, which will ensure that they are victimized.Most of the employees are not the citizen of the country where they work, and not able to speak English fluent. As the employees come from different countries they hesitate to unite because of linguistic and cultural differences.4. What factors make it difficult government policy makers and regulators to create rules for the nail industry and enforce them? How could these factors be overcome?The government find it difficult to make and enforce the rules for the welfare of the nail workers because they are too scared to cooperate with the Government fearing for their livelihood and fury of their masters and its after effects. These factors can be overcome by counseling and creating awareness about their rights and persuade them to speak out against the injustice.The fact that the industry is controlled by non-governmental organization make it very hard for the government to intervene and salvage the industry from the atrocities it commits. the government should employ overseers in the industry to ensure that they are represented well.Gov. and regulatory role is limited in this sort of industry as the people are ready to work even on very low wages in inhumane conditions for the sake of money, so until some sort of union is not formed govt or the regulatory authority will not be able to overcome this situation is addressed and they are not harassed. 5. What do you think is the best way to improve conditions for workers in thee nail industry?Best way is to bring a regulatory framework by the Government that is binding for the salons even those with two or three workers. It should be followed by enforcement with effective monitoring of the process and bring the defaulters to the book if necessary.the best way to improve the condition of workers in the nail industry is to ensure that they are fully protected and allowed to participate fully in the affairs of union movements who can help them negotiate their salaries and hence pushing for good working conditions in the industry.ReferenceJournal of Immigrant and Minority Health10Journal of construction engineering and management128New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science28

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