Understanding of wrongful convictions

Summarize your understanding of wrongful convictions – what are they? How big of a problem are they (statistically speaking)? Choose two sources of wrongful convictions and discuss what you learned about them and how they cause people to be wrongfully convicted. What remedy or remedies would you propose to address the two problems you identified? What issues might arise as a result of your proposed remedy/remedies?

Finally, choose a case (can be one from this class or one you find on your own) that illustrates how one of the two sources of wrongful convictions you identified played out in real life. Who was the person who was wrongfully convicted (or possibly wrongfully convicted – strong evidence of innocence is fine, even if the person has not been formally exonerated)? What happened in the case that led to the wrongful conviction? What happened once the person was wrongfully convicted, and where is the person now?

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