Unmanned commercial airline

Future of unmanned commercial airline Commercialization of technology is, however, revolutionizing the uses into which this technology has been used in the past with prospects being exploited of using the technology for commercial air flights. This forms the basis of this analysis as to how willing human beings are to adopt the unmanned aircraft for traveling and such other commercial purposes. People differ in matters of attitude as is psychologically influenced while deciding whether or not to board a pilotless plane. This, however, has absolute effects on the future of this technology use is concerned. It is, however, to be appreciated that although the majority of the people would decline to board the plane, a few would still appreciate using it citing particular benefits. However, a common ground in this analysis is that more development in the technology is required in order to have the technology introduced into and appreciated the commercial civilian aviation. Changing times and advancement of technology are having an impact of barely all aspects of human life. One such technology is in use of computerized remote controlled appliances and which has been in use while operating military drones instead of having human pilots controlling them. The use of unmanned aircraft for military operations or for cargo freights have been widely appreciated and adopted by freight companies in the recent past. However, the thought of having commercial airliners adopt the technology and have commercial freights manned from central stations through remote control systems has triggered many reactions among many people. While to some people the idea is great and very welcome, some others may have very different opinions and attitudes towards technology. One would, therefore, be interested in understanding whether people would agree to board unmanned commercial airfreight?&nbsp.&nbsp.

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