US Imported Oil

Compose a 250 words essay on Us Imported Oil. Total level of crude oil production has been volatile, but with a sharp increasing trend, since the year 2009, while domestic production of natural oils has been improving consistently. These observations suggest improving capacity to generate different sources of fuel and identify feasibility of a transition from crude oil usage to reliance on natural gas. Consistent improvement in petroleum processing gain and emergence and growth of renewable fuels and oxygenated production also shows improved capacity to exploit sources of fuel while reducing trend in total fuel imports since the year identifies the nation’s growing ability to rely on internal energy supply. The nation has also been able to reduce its reliance of petroleum products and to reduce its net petroleum exports, a factor that suggest future positive stock exchange from petroleum. The trend in data therefore shows that the United States has the capacity to reduce it importation and consumption of petroleum products and to generate and use natural gas and renewable fuel. Industrial and domestic use of petroleum products has been identified as a major global environmental concern, identifying significance of the action plan, and the above analysis shows the nation’s ability to implement the plan.The United States Department of Energy. (2014). Strategic plan-2014-2018. The United States Department of Energy. Retrieved from:

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