Use of Force

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Criminal Justice

Module 5 Chapter Assignment: Use of Force Identification and arrest of suspects is an issue that consistently discussed in the field of Criminal Justice. Part of any criminal investigation is making an arrest of the suspected perpetrator. The means of how an individual is arrested when engaged with police at any stage of an investigation is guided by the agency’s use of force policy. For this assignment you will need to research a law enforcement agency’s use of force policy and reflect on it by answering the questions below. The agency that you choose can be from anywhere in the United States, and you will need to link it to your assignment.

  • Where is the agency you are looking at located and provide some basic demographics about the location? (EX: Population size of jurisdiction)
  • What is defined as less-lethal and lethal uses of forces according to that agency’s policy?
  • Is there any use of force that is allowed or not allowed that surprises you?
  • Do you believe that there should be a universal use of force continuum across the United States or should agencies be allowed to adjust polices for their own communities? Explain your answer and provide a real-life example to support your opinion.


Must be a minimum of one-page single spaced but no more than two.

Must use paragraphs in a cohesive reflection, do not just copy and paste the questions with the answers below. Can use “I” in the reflection.

Must be 12pt font and a title or header is not needed.

Please look at the rubric for additional details.

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