Write 10 pages with APA style on The Use of Information Technology for Strategic Collaboration in Business. Information Technology has revolutionized the mode of doing business from the traditional methods which used manual systems to the more systematic and dynamic electronic systems that use computers. These systems are applicable in almost all the perspectives of business and organizational operations and they can be said to have enhanced the productivity of employees as well as economizing on space, time and resources.

IT is dynamic in nature and as such, it keeps on changing the meaning of time with respect to speed and output. This essay is a critical evaluation of the significance of Information Technology in businesses as well as its application in strategic collaboration between businesses.

Uses of Information Technology Systems in an Organization

Information Technology has revolutionized the mode of doing business as well as organizational activities. Before its introduction, major operations in organizations such as data entry and record-keeping as well as file organization were conducted manually, processes that took a lot of time to complete and also which were tedious in nature.

Manual spreadsheets that were used to store financial information for example employee working hours versus wages, as well as income and expenditure, were prone to human errors which could have resulted in financial losses due to unintentional and intentional exaggerations in figures by rogue financial officers for their own benefit.

Manual filing systems also were vulnerable to intentional damage whereby employees would deliberately damage the records in order to conceal cases of embezzlement motivated by the knowledge that the files would not be tracked. There was also the possibility of defacement of records due to dust and other environmental factors.

The filing systems which made use of physical files that were stored in filing cabinets made the process of retrieving data more time-wasting and also encouraged corruption due to the fact that tracing a file concerning a single entity required going through a heap of other files which prompted employees to demand for favors from customers who came to request for such services.&nbsp.

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