Use of social media in contemporary society

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Argumentative Essay

Using the information as a guide, write a 2-4 page (500–1000 word) argumentative essay about the use of social media in contemporary society. You may either argue that it is beneficial to modern life or that it is destructive. To do so effectively, you must:

Find at least two credible, current sources on the issue from the FSCJ Library databases
Explain the controversy over social media in your introduction (give necessary background information)

Present a clear thesis statement that announces your position on the issue

Present the reasons you believe your position to be true in your body paragraphs

Support those reasons with fair and convincing examples and evidence from common knowledge and from the sources you have read

Avoid using “I” or “In my opinion” in order to produce a strong argumentative essay and not an opinion essay
Address at least one of the opposition’s points (perhaps using information from the sources to do so)

Cite both of your outside sources, using MLA format for in-text citations; your paper should have at least two effective and correct citations (but each time you use one of your sources, you must cite, so you may have more than two in-text citations in your essay)

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