User stories

Convert your user stories into requirements.

ALL REQUIREMENTS MUST BE OF THE FORM “They system shall…”. Those requirements that do not follow this format will be marked wrong. Any “requirements” that with the “The System should…” will also be marked wrong. This applies to this assignment as well as all other assignments in this class that ask for requirements, regardless of whether or not the assignment specifically states the format.

  1. Take the assignment that you submitted for assignment 4.1 and convert each User story into a User Requirement. Number each User Requirement and indicate the User Story that was the source for this requirement. This should produce 15 (or more) User Requirements.
  2. Convert the acceptance criteria you used for assignment 4.1 into System Requirements. For each System Requirement indicate the number of the User Story that this requirement is associated with. This should produce 30 or more System Requirements.
  3. Create three new User Stories for Blackboard. These user stories may document existing features or new features. Assign two or more acceptance criteria for each User Story. Then convert all three User Stories into User Requirements and the six Acceptance Criteria into System Requirements.
    NOTE: You may reword or replace your original User Stories and/or Acceptance Criteria for this assignment. Just supply the replacement working with this assignment.

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