Using LinkedIn to market to Small Business Owners

Exercise- Demo

We are looking for you to tell us a story, answer the business questions and objectives, and present it back to us strongly and effectively. Please be creative in thinking about what type of LinkedIn data you may have access to (you can make assumptions), but we would be very impressed if you used LinkedIn to better understand the types of data we have.


The CMO of a credit card company is interested in using LinkedIn to market to Small Business Owners (SBOs).  However, he is not convinced that LinkedIn:

a) Has small businesses on the site and

b) Why and how SBOs would use LinkedIn

Given what you know about LinkedIn and the possible information you think LinkedIn collects, your job is to prepare a presentation that addresses these concerns and presents LinkedIn as a viable platform for a credit card company to market to SBOs.  Please make assumptions about how you think SBOs would utilise LinkedIn.


  • In a Word document:
    • List the key questions you think we should address
    • List the types of data you would analyze and why
    • List any important assumptions you are making
  • Create a mock-up of 4-5 slides that you would share with the client summarizing the key findings with supporting dummy data points. Please keep in mind the client’s industry and job role while developing your insights.
  • Present these slides and answer questions on your story and assumptions

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