Project stakeholders

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Assignment

Using the Microsoft Project file that you updated for Assignment 9, print a Project Overview Report and select 3 additional Microsoft Project reports to provide valuable information on your project.

You have started tracking the work on your project and you have updated your Microsoft Project schedule several times. It is now time to provide information back to the project stakeholders. You need to review the reports that are available in Microsoft Project and, in addition to the Project Overview report, select three reports that you feel would be useful for your project stakeholders. Save each of the four reports as a .pdf. For each of the four reports that you upload, answer the following questions:

What does the report tell the recipient? And what does it say about YOUR project? Is that an accurate reflection of the updates you applied in Unit 9 and where you are two weeks into the project and after the hurricane? Who would be the appropriate recipient(s) for this report? How often would you recommend that this report be prepared? What is the benefit of this report? Would you recommend any changes to this report to make it more useful?

Make sure that, when answering the questions, you identify which report you are referring to. You can create one document to answer the questions for all four reports or you can create a separate document for each report. Once you have saved the four reports for your project and answered the questions for each report, upload the reports and your analysis.

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