Various perspectives of psychology

To better understand psychology today, it is helpful to understand how psychology has evolved since its origin. To do this, you will explore the various perspectives (theories) of psychology. Using your text and the Internet, research and choose three early perspectives (or theories) of psychology. These perspectives include:BehaviorismCognitiveCulture and DiversityEvolutionaryFunctionalismGestaltHumanisticPhysiologicalPsychodynamicStructuralismIn a 2 – 3 page paper, provide the following information about those perspectives.A short description of each perspective.An example representing each perspectiveA comparison of the three perspectives – outline their similarities and differencesHow each perspective influences psychology todayBe sure to document your references using APA format.Psychological PerspectiveStudent’s NameInstructor’s NameCourse TitleDate A short description of each perspectiveThe Physiological PerspectivePhysiological psychology concentrates on…

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