Victim precipitated homicide

There are four questions, each one needs around 350 word responses in APA format with works cited.Question 1: Discuss and describe what is meant by a ‘victim precipitated homicide’. In doings so, briefly describe and elaborate a bit on how ‘situational rage’ and/or ‘accumulated rage’ may be connected to a victim precipitated homicide.Question 2: According to the week 6 lesson and text comparative criminology is stated to be based upon three different theoretical frameworks. Briefly describe the three frameworks and elaborate on how they should be viewed pertaining to an inverted triangle. Question 3: Per the week 7 lesson and text, provide an overview of the rationale as to why some view see the American process of rendering criminal justice as a nonsystem. Question 4: Provide a detailed overview of the text book’s comments and the week 6 lesson content pertaining to public order crimes.

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