Violence in schools and communities

The essay questions and answers must be answered in detailtyped, double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point font. You are required to answer all essay questions to the best of your ability without plagiarizing. You must correctly cite peer reviewed articles and other research materials that are relative to the question and they must be must be in the APA format on your reference page. You should use in text citation when you are answering the essay questions. Considering the amount of violence in schools and communities we hear about in the media please answer the following questions in detail. What responsibility must school administrators and society take for school violence? What should be done to invoke a proactive approach to school violence?  What can parents, school administrators, teachers, and the communities do to curb bullying, cyberbullying and violence in their schools and communities? How safe are schools, colleges and universities? What can be done to make them safer?  Who should take the leadership role in making schools, colleges and universities safer? Does Crime Control work? Does Community Policing work? Do Neighborhood Watch Groups work? Is it better to be proactive or reactive when it comes to crime in our society? What is Procedural Justice?    How should students be handled when they bring weapons to school, that cause injury to students, staff and administrators?  What would be a justifiable consequence? What type of violence prevention materials should be given to students enrolled in Daycare through College?*book is Crime Control in America: What Works? 3rd Edition by John L. Worrall*answer each question as best as possible and maximum 2 paragraphs each

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