Visual Studio Code

“For my microprocessor that receives a string from UART””Visual Studio Code”For “Texas Instruments TM4C123G Development Board EK-TM4C123GXL”I need to complete this C code andI need it to run on UART.This the C code and I need to complete it:/** UART TX**/#include #include void configure_uart() { // Add the configuration steps necessary to enable U0TX at // 115200bps // 8 data bits // No parity // 1 Stop bit // See datasheet Section 14.4, pg 902-903 for Init Procedure // See datasheet Section 14.3.2, pg 896 for the Baudrate (115200) calculation // Also in Valvano 8.3.2 UART Device Driver, pg 319 in 4th ed // or 11.2.2. TM4C UART Details // ( // // NOTE: Our System (Bus) Clock is 16MHz (the reset default) // // Registers you will need to configure: // RCGCUART // RCGCGPIO // UARTCTL // UARTIBRD // UARTFBRD // UARTLCRH // GPIOPCTL // GPIOAFSEL // GPIODEN}void uartwrite(unsigned char data) { // Use UARTFR, datasheet pg 911, TXFF bit to make sure the TX FIFO is not full // then UARTDR, datasheet pg 906 to write this new character into the TX FIFO}void say_hello() { // Modify hello string constant to include your name char hello[] = “Hello class, from NAMErn”; while (true) { // Send one character of hello[] string at a time, repeating forever // The length of the hello[] string can be calculated as: // sizeof(hello) }}int main() { configure_uart(); say_hello(); while (true) continue;}

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