Get Answer to Voyages in World History 3rd Edition Essay. Review the Questions to Think About section of each chapter in Unit 4 as you think about the
following questions. Answer them in complete sentences.
• What were the main features of the Industrial Revolution?
• How did industrialism make events like the scramble for Africa possible?
• How did Social Darwinism encourage assumptions about race and gender that spread alongside
• How did modern political parties around the world reflect the new industrial order?
• To what extent were the revolutions of nineteenth century Europe an outcome of
industrialization as much as discontent with the prevailing political order?
• How was the warfare of the first half of the twentieth century related to such social, economic
and political changes? In what sense were the wars global? And what were their positive and
negative legacies?
You will lose points if you do not cite evidence from your readings in Cengage.
• 50% of the grade. Answers each prompt thoroughly. There are a few different parts. Be
sure you answer them all. Provide analysis and discussion.
• 25% of the grade. 12 point Font/instructions followed/length sufficient for thorough
responses. .
• 25% of the grade. Citations from the textbook.

No reference page needed. You can simply cite your evidence from the textbook by putting a
page number in parentheses. For example, (3).