Water rights

What is your position on water rights? Write a paper in which you formulate and express your personal position in response to the above question. Your position should be based on reliable sources of information as well as your own personal values. Sources Cite two or more reliable sources in your paper. Select a writing style of your choice, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. Consistently apply the conventions associated with your selected writing style as you cite your sources in the text of your document. Also, include the full resource information in a reference list at the conclusion of the document. Feel free to use Citation Machine or a similar resource of your choice to assist you to appropriately apply style guide conventions.

Length and Writing Quality

This paper should be 3/4 to one page long, excluding your reference list. It should be no longer than one page double-spaced. Your paper should be well written. Practice good writing skills. Spelling and grammar are important and will be graded.


There is no specific formula to writing a successful Position Paper, however, there are some important things that should be addressed (look at the course objectives for assistance), such as:

Do you understand the core issue of this unit and can you explain it? Even if you do not agree with this issue, or see it as a concern, can you understand why others may see this as an important issue? Do you understand how you are involved in this issue? How do your personal choices and actions contribute to the bigger issue, even if your actions may seem insignificant? Can you see how this issue affects your life now or in the future, and how it may impact the choices that you will face? Have you considered a personal course of action, in regards to this issue? In other words, what can you do about it? (Include actions both little and big – do NOT just list some generic, lofty goals that are unrealistic or unattainable.)

There is always the danger that by providing a list of questions, your paper will be simply a response to those questions, and lack the deep thinking that is desired. Do not use these questions as a formula-for-success on your paper. Take the time to ponder, pray, and consider your own personal circumstances, now and in the future, and develop a position that feels right to you.

There is no right answer or general consensus that is sought for on these papers, but rather a determination to see if what you have written is well thought out and defensible. A word of caution about what this paper should not be; it should not be a book report on what you have read for class, what was discussed in class, what someone else thinks, or what someone else should do. It should be about you, how you feel, what you think, what you understand, what you are going to do, etc. Your grade on this paper will largely be determined by its content and quality.

Don’t turn in a “C” paper expecting an “A” grade.

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