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Module 10 Written Assignment – Web Scavenger HuntPoints/Grading Rubric:CriteriaPointsIdentifies goal selected from NPSG (Joint Commission Website)2Lists three methods identified to meet NPSGs3Select and discuss impression of “Speak” video5Address whether the “Speak Up” video will change patient outcomes10List reasons why you think that people don’t wash their hands5Discuss how hand washing relates to patient safety10Provide strategies for improving hand hygiene in patients and in providers10Grammar, APA and Organization5Total50 The first link takes you to The Joint Commission website    You will notice that National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) are separated by type care provided. Choose the long term care link.Choose one of the goals listed and list three ways you might be able to meet that goal. The next link will take you to the “Speak Up” initiative.Choose and view one of the videos. In a paragraph discuss your impression of the videos and if you think that they will improve patient outcomes.A NSPG that is threaded into every health care setting is HAND HYGIENE.Search and explore the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization websites for hand washing/hand hygiene. Are you surprised at the volume of information? Provide a list of the reasons you think that people don’t wash their hands. How does hand washing relate to patient safety? What can be done to improve hand hygiene in patients and in providers?Here are some helpful links:       Hand HygieneClean Care is Safer Care

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